June 13, 2024

Inside The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's Location

Inside The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's exterior

As we prepare to move (!), we wanted to take you inside what has been our "home" Trader Joe's for years in The Woodlands, Texas. 

The Trader Joe's in The Woodlands is located at 10868 Kuykendahl Rd, The Woodlands, TX 77381. It's the southeast corner of Woodlands Parkway and Kuykendahl. The store is in a small strip center with a Chiller Bee Frozen Yogurt, Which Wich, Petco, and a few other places. 

Trader Joe's bunches of ranunculus

FIRST, there are lot of complaints online about parking at Trader Joe's. The Woodlands location has great parking! Usually, I can find a space in the front row - right in front of the store! It IS busy, especially on weekends and Fridays, but the parking situation is pretty good!

Tip for navigating the The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's parking lot...

Exit to the left of Petco and turn right. Exiting onto Kuykendahl will cause you to merge in the parking lot with people coming out of Starbucks, and it can get a little tense. It must be the caffeine. 

Inside The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's entrance

When you enter, you'll immediately find plants and flowers! They've recently moved the greeting cards from this front-of-store location. More on that in a minute.

Inside The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's, bakery wall

The front right contains produce, nuts, and cereals, leading to the back right corner and wall, which houses bread and bakery items. 

Inside The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's Location, wine aisle

On the left side of the store, you'll find beer and wine, along with crackers, chips, and snacks. And cheese! Can't forget the cheese

Inside The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's Location, greeting card wall

Trader Joe's incredible greeting cards are now in the back left corner of the store near the restrooms. The selection doesn't seem as big as it was when it was at the front...or maybe they're just more consolidated. Either way, don't sleep on their NINETY-NINE CENT greeting cards!

Speaking of restrooms, there are two single-person restrooms in that back left corner. Always clean.

The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's Location new arrivals endcap

The NEW ARRIVALS endcap is the one place you don't want to miss in The Woodlands Trader Joe's. 

It, too, is located in that back left area. It's on the end of the last aisle and is always filled with all of the latest and greatist Trader Joe's items! Don't miss it! 

The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's Location, freezer aisle

Other than the New Arrivals endcap, my favorite area of the store is the freezer aisle. Yes, for my favorite freezer items, like Lamb Vindaloo, but all of the cookies, chocolates, and treats are shelved above the freezer.

I'm curious if it's like this in all Trader Joe's! Please let us know in the comments if your TJ's looks the same.

The Woodlands, TX Trader Joe's checkout area

It must be a law that every Trader Joe's employee is cheerful and helpful, whether in the checkout line, in the aisles, or at customer service. I don't think that is specific to The Woodlands location. 

Side note: I locked my keys in my trunk at Trader Joe's a couple of weeks ago. An employee actually came out to check on me while I waited for Mark to arrive with a second set of keys. So nice! 

Hours are 8AM - 9PM every day. 

We'll miss this location, but we'll report back from the Dallas area! 



Jane said...

My TJs is smaller, older with a sort of different setup but they still seem to pack in all the goodies! Cards are now in this cubbie at the back right - hard to find but worth the effort. The cookies, chocolate, etc. are over the freezers, too, the better to keep the chocolate from melting in the desert heat:) The older stores don't have all the windows that yours and the newer one about 10 miles from here does. Yes, the employees are the friendliest, most helpful people and greet people they recognize with smiles and a hello, how are you!! I love shopping there.

Jane said...

Meant to say "Happy trails to you" as you guys move!!

bridget said...

Thank you, Jane!!!

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