About Us

 Hello, fellow Trader Joe's fan! 

We're just a family who loves shopping at Trader Joe's. Our products are purchased - and tested - by us. We have no affiliation with Trader Joe's whatsoever. Well, we're getting close to a Cheers "NORM!" situation (Google it), other than that, they don't know us. 

This blog is just to share what we loved (and the few things we didn't), so that you know what to put on your next TJ's shopping list. 

The reviewers:

  • Bridget (the mom, regular Trader Joe's shopper, and publisher of Bake at 350)
  • Mark (the dad, better half, and frequent Trader Joe's trip chauffer)
  • Jack (the kid, now grown...buying Trader Joe's on his own!)
  • N + B (our brother and sister review team with the kid perspective)

Are we missing something? Let us know! We'll try it! 

EMAIL: yummy{at}sweetontraderjoes.com


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