August 24, 2022

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas Review

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas Review

I have walked past these cans of chickpeas so many times. With allllllll of the goodies available at TJ's, it's easy to skip over something seemingly mundane, like chickpeas, and go straight for the chocolate chip dunkers

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas Review, roasted

Needless to say, I didn't skip the chickpeas this trip. Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas with Parsley & Cumin come in 9.88-ounce cans and cost $1.99. They are a product of Greece.

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas nutrition info

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas ingredients

Even though the can is small, there are a lot of chickpeas crammed in here. Not like your typical can of chickpeas where the can is filled with water, these chickpeas are packed tightly and marinated in oil, lemon juice, parsley, salt, cumin, citric acid, garlic, and black pepper.

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas Review

[NOTE: the water from draining a regular can of chickpeas is called aquafaba and can be used for making desserts, like this dairy-free chocolate mousse. Don't use the liquid from this can or you will have a very funky mousse.]

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas Review

BRIDGET: Rather than eating these straight from the can - I'll be honest, that's not super appealing to me - I roasted these chickpeas. I didn't add a thing. No oil. No salt. I just used a fork to scoop them out of the can and onto a (well-loved) cookie sheet, leaving any excess oil in the can. I popped them into a 400-degree oven, and...THEY ARE FABULOUS!!! As in, I went back to TJ's and bought 6 more cans. Perfectly flavorful, not too garlicky, and they bake up with an irresistible crunch. We've had them in salads, in a bowl with Greek chicken meatballs and rice, and yes...I've eaten them by the handful. 

Overall rating: 5 of 5 stars

Will I buy them again? I already have! 

[NOTE: use the thinnest spatula you have to scrape them from the pan without breaking them up.]

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas Review

Trader Joe's Greek Chickpeas: Pick up several cans at once! 



Anonymous said...

I ate the entire can in one sitting and it gave me an upset stomach probably from the beans and oil

Anonymous said...

They are great in the air fryer. 400 degrees for 6 minutes in the Ninja 8 in 1 (looks like a toaster oven)

Secilia said...

I loved them, as is, out of can, the chickpeas were well done and NOT PEELS! The best was in a spinach salad with sliced cherry tomatoes and feta cheese and the fresh vinegar and oil dressing my son made. No Trader Joes where I live. I cannot find well cooked, husk/peel less garbanzo beans in the cans I try. Can't find any already marinated in the can like TJ. I wish these did NOT have soy oil in them, my only criticism, besides not being able to buy them in Bozeman MT>

Anonymous said...

I made hummus from them it was delicious

Anonymous said...

I definitely have to rinse off excess oil with hot water, however it keeps the delicious flavor

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