June 23, 2023

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters Review

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters

There they were...on the "NEWEST ADDITIONS" endcap, calling my name. Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters. 

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters package

What's a snacky cluster, you ask? Trader Joe's describes these as, "Sea salt potato chips, corn chip dippers and mini pretzel nuggets mixed in milk chocolate."

(Side note: Trader Joe's is not a fan of the Oxford comma.)

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An 8-ounce bag of Snacky Clusters will run you $3.99.

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters ingredients

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters nutrition label

Trader Joe's recommends a serving size of 1 ounce - about 4 pieces. That comes in at about 160 calories. 

Here are some recipes for salty and sweet fans to try:

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters with bite

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters Review

She says (Bridget): For all of my enthusiasm in the store, I was underwhelmed by these at home. I think it boils down to this - I'm not a fan of corn chips and chocolate. It's a combination I'd never tried and not one I'll seek out in the future. The crunch is fantastic. I love a salty + sweet dessert, but these are a no for me. 

Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

He says (Mark): A snack that makes you go "hmmm?" These Snacky Clusters are wacky, given the assortment of flavor and crunch types mixed in. The crunch factor is a 10 of 10. The clusters are a good size...substantial but not too large. If I liked these more, I would consider 2 pieces minimum per serving. The corn flavor is a bit strong for me, and I didn't like the milk chocolate much at all. However, I'd give these another taste test if TJ's came out with a dark chocolate version. 

Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Will we buy these again? No. 

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters

Trader Joe's Snacky Clusters: Not our favorite chocolate offering from TJ's



Kristen said...

I felt the same about the chocolate and corn chips. I was very enthusiastic about them when I saw them and then disappointed when I tried them; did not like that combo. Agree about the dark chocolate; I would try them again with that.

bridget said...

Sounds like we're in good company! ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved them! The crunch and the salty sweetness totally worked for me. I'll definitely be buying them again!

Anonymous said...

Omg I can’t stop eating them. Sometimes I get too much corn chip flavor but for the most part each piece is the perfect combo. I hope they are only seasonal because if not my scale is gonna climb up from these. Yikes

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I both agree and disagree with you. My hope is they are NOT seasonal because I live in Hawaii and Trader Joe’s are a mainland trip treat. I do agree that my weigh would be affected due to the substantial amount of clusters I have been eating. LOL.
To me, this is just as indulgent as Hot salty French fries dipped in ice cream. Who would have thought potatoes and ice cream would be good but it is. Same here with the corn and chocolate.
Hubby doesn’t like the corn taste and I’m so glad I don’t have to share. ☺️

Anonymous said...

I was excited about these too- like many other reviewers, the corn chips was all I tasted- not a fan!

Anonymous said...

I could not stp eating these! I loved the salty, crunchy taste. If they were dark chocolate I would have cases in my car!’

Anonymous said...

At first the corn chip flavor seemed a bit odd, but after my second cluster I was hooked. I keep going back for more bags. Love them.

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