June 12, 2023

Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles Review

Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles in package

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if Trader Joe's offers a chocolate, we will try it. 

Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles, with bite showing inside

Today, we review Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles. An irresistibly cute box of 6 donut-shaped chocolate truffles. The package costs $4.49. 

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Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles

Inside the bakery-style window box, you'll find 2 each of three flavors of truffles: 

  • milk chocolate with caramel filling and nonpareils
  • dark chocolate with chocolate filling
  • white chocolate with cinnamon filling and speculoos cookie bits

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Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles nutrition information

Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles Review

She says (Bridget): DONUT pass go. DONUT collect $200. DONUT expect much from these Donuts Forever Truffles. Lackluster in both flavor and texture, I found these to be a bit pasty with no rich chocolatey goodness. The other flavors mentioned in the description tasted muted and muddled. The phrase that immediately came to mind was "grocery store truffles." And, to be fair, these ARE technically grocery store truffles, but I've come to expect more from TJ's. We actually tossed the box without finishing them. 
Overall rating: 1 of 5 stars

He says (Mark): "Donuts Forever!" is a Brilliant phrase. The packaging is excellent, and the portion size (2) is about right. I favored the milk and dark chocolate pieces. The top coatings were balanced and appealing to the eye. I was not a fan of the white chocolate version (it's not me, it's you, White Chocolate). Fun, but alas, these truffles are just okay - not something to write home about (oh, wait…I just did!).
Overall rating: 3 of 5 stars

Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles, detail, side view

Will we buy these again? No. We'll be on the lookout for Trader Joe's next chocolate offering! 

Trader Joe's Donuts Forever Truffles: We DONUT think these are the best Trader Joe's has to offer. 


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