April 16, 2023

Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips Review

Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips bag

Break out your tuxedos! We have a very fancy-sounding potato chip review today: Trader Joe's Organic White Truffle Potato Chips with Italian white truffles and fleur de sel sea salt.

Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips spilled out of bag

A 6-ounce bag costs $2.99. 

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The description on the back of the bag reads, "Trader Joe's Organic Potato Chips are made with thinly sliced, organically grown potatoes. They are cooked with organic oil and flavored perfectly with White Truffle seasoning."

Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips nutrition info

The chips are made with all organic ingredients from the potatoes to the oil to the white truffle.

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Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips in child's hand

Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips Review

She says (sister B, age 8): These white truffle chips are the perfect addition to a lunch, snack, or party! They contain a high taste of truffle, which surprisingly pairs well with the main potato chip flavor. For me, being someone who's never tried truffle before, I loved the use of it in these chips and how the flavor combinations blend together to make a spectacular taste. I would recommend these chips to you, also because they are made organic and have an incredible price! 
Overall rating: 5 of 5 stars

He says (brother N, age 11): These white truffle chips are an elegant way to spice up a party, or even a regular lunch. They are like normal potato chips except for two things: the white truffles (a type of mushroom) and Fleur de Sel sea salt. The white truffles have an almost cheesy taste, so I was surprised when I first bit into the chip. After that initial revelation, I developed an intense liking for the flavor and style of these particular chips. The price is very reasonable, which was yet another surprise (white truffle is a very fancy ingredient). Fleur de Sel sea salt is originally harvested in France and is a great addition to the snack. Overall, I was enticed by the taste of these chips and cannot wait to buy more of them!
Overall rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips

Will they buy them again?
(B): I would definitely buy these chips again, for multiple reasons. My first reason is that they have great taste, great consistency, and fit with almost any savory sandwich. My second reason is that they are fancy and flavorful yet only 2.99!
(N): I would absolutely recommend these chips. They are a good snack but also can be a nice addition to a party, if you were to bring chips to one. These chips are definitely worthwhile.

Trader Joe's White Truffle Potato Chips: These are a MUST-BUY! 


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