April 25, 2023

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs Review

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs package
Have you seen these Chicken Meatballs at Trader Joe's? They're NOT frozen but are refrigerated. I found them near the refrigerated pizza dough. 

The meatballs are seasoned, fully cooked, and gluten-free. They come 16 to a package and cost $3.99. 

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs Nutrition Information and Weight Watchers Points

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs ingredients list

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs nutrition info

The suggested serving size is 4 meatballs. One serving is 150 calories with 9 grams of fat, 16 grams of protein, and no fiber.

There are 4 Weight Watchers points for one serving (four meatballs) of Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs.

TJ's keeps the ingredient list simple with the seasonings including granulated garlic and onion, oregano, basil, rosemary, and parsley. One surprise in the ingredients: vinegar powder. 

Recipes where Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs might be a good shortcut:

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs cooking instructions

On the package, there are cooking instructions for the air fryer, stovetop, microwave, and oven. We chose the oven method, but I changed the temp and time just a bit. 

I wanted to serve these with simple sheet pan-roasted gnocchi and tomatoes. Those roast at 425 for 20-25 minutes. I added the meatballs to the pan AFTER I seasoned the gnocchi and tomatoes not to alter the taste of the meatballs. 

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs, pre and post-bake:

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs pre and post bake

As they baked, we lost natural light for photographing them, so please excuse the less-than-stellar photos. That said, how pretty can a chicken meatball be? 

UPDATE: See our Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs and Gnocchi Sheet Pan Dinner Recipe! 

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs Review

He says (Mark): If my better half hadn't reminded me that these were chicken meatballs, I wouldn't have known. I had these for dinner twice - once with some gnocchi and tomatoes (not swimming in sauce) and then again the next day, reheated. They were tasty. Adding some light seasoning made these better. I could see them being featured in an entree as well as part of a "small bites" meal. If served alone, a dipping sauce is recommended. These were just the right size and had an excellent texture.

Overall rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

She says (Bridget): Moist, juicy, and well-seasoned, these meatballs were a pleasant surprise! I love that they're an easy way to add protein to a meal. The seasoning definitely leans toward Italian flavors, and I guess that's to be expected. Just something to keep in mind if you're using them as a shortcut in another recipe. 

Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Will we buy them again? Mark says no, but I say yes. And I do 99.99% of the shopping and cooking, so...

Trader Joe's Chicken Meatballs: A tasty and quick protein and recipe shortcut



Kate said...

Chicken Meatballs. You'll like them if you like the taste of oregano. They have no other taste than oregano. I won't be buying this item again.

Modern Cooking said...

That's really nice n awesome!

Anonymous said...

Gave me a bad stomach ache. Never again!

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting on T.J.'s turkey meatballs. I've been a long time fan of Trader Joe's, but these were awful. No flavor & tasted like they were all breadcrumbs. We tried them with pasta & also as a meatball sandwich. A big waste of money.

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