March 22, 2023

Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix Review

    Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix review

We're continuing with the "spicy" motif and bringing you a review of Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix. 

A 7-ounce bag costs $3.29. The front of the bag describes this mix as "crunchy, spicy, Indian style snack mix." The back of the package goes into even more detail. Here's a bit of that copy, "Chakri, upon which this snack mix is based, are spiral Indian snacks which in our version are based on rice flour. ...we've combined Chakri with...spicy chickpea and rice based tidbits, as well as peanut, curry leaves, and turmeric."

Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix review

The suggested serving size is 1/3 cup. The top ingredient in this mix is...canola oil. Followed by split chickpeas, chickpea flour, rice, rice flakes, and peanuts. 

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We are huge fans of Indian food! Here are a couple of recipes in our regular rotation, both from Half Baked Harvest:
Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix review

Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix review

She says (Bridget): I love a spicy snack mix, especially alongside an ice-cold beer. This one isn't my favorite. The overall flavor is good, although not spicy. My biggest beef with this mix (who am I that I have a beef with a snack mix?!?) is that the pieces are so tiny; it's difficult to eat - see photo below. The little rice bits just fall from my fingers...and the chickpeas are the tiniest chickpeas I've ever seen. The mix looks nothing like the photo on the bag. Good? Yes. Will I buy it again? No. 

Overall rating: 3 of 5 stars

He says (Mark): I like the flavor, but the advertised spiciness is a little lacking. The snack mix pieces are too small to pick up easily. This really needs to be eaten with a spoon - and that's just not right.

Overall rating: 2 of 5 stars

(Side note: we write these independently, so that we both had the same complaint about the size without a discussion was interesting!)

Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix review

Will we buy this again? That's a no from us. 

Trader Joe's Spicy Chakri Mix: Everything is bigger in Texas, but not this mix. Apparently, it's just too tiny for our Texas fingers. 

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