November 7, 2023

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan Review

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan package and bread

Did you know that the Trader Joe's freezer section not only houses ice cream, veggies, and can also find naan there? 

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan, bowl of curry and red white gingham napkin in background

Our he said/she said review today is of Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan. Each package contains four pieces of frozen naan in a resealable bag and costs $2.99. 

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According the package copy, this naan is "...authentic, hand-stretched Indian bread...baked in a traditional Indian clay tandoor oven..." It is a product of India. 

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan ingredients

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan nutrition label

Each piece of guitar-pick-shaped naan is 250 calories. The ingredient list is short; the naan is made with only 8 ingredients. 

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan package

The instructions for Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan state to keep the already-baked naan frozen and bake at 400 for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. (This will come up in the reviews!)

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Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan Review

He says (Mark): The best naan I've had outside an authentic Indian restaurant. And I'd say it is better than some fresh-made restaurant naan I can recall (including Texas, New England, UK). I'd categorize this as medium to heavy as far as weight and airiness. But it's not chewy. Definitely add at least 1 minute to baking time after preheating the oven. I suggest letting it sit 1 minute or place in a dish towel so you don't burn your fingers. Then enjoy!

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

She says (Bridget): I very much like having these tucked away in the freezer. They're convenient and quick to bake from frozen. Although, once again, more baking time is needed than stated. This is the case with almost every TJ's item we've cooked in the oven. The naan is moderately fluffy and quite satisfying without having a strong flavor. There's no butter, garlic, or tanginess in the flatbread. The bottom is more crispy than I would like. My dream naan is pillowy and bends when I pick it up. This naan stands at attention. Maybe baking it wrapped in foil, spraying it with water before baking, or thawing overnight would help. 

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan, split in half

Will we buy this again? Definitely!

Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan: A great Trader Joe's freezer staple! 

Tell us...what Trader Joe's frozen entree would you pair with this naan?


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