August 11, 2023

Trader Joe's Gnocchi Review

Trader Joe's Gnocchi in package

You knew it was coming after the Trader Joe's Chicken Meatball and Gnocchi recipe! Here's our review of Trader Joe's gnocchi!

Trader Joe's Gnocchi package open

The package reads, "PRANZO...authentic Italian potato gnocchi...faster than pasta." This Trader Joe's product is made in Italy. 

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Pranzo translates to "lunch." According to Roman Candle Tours, il pranzo is typically taken between 12:30 to 2:30, usually at 1:00. It's not scarfed at a desk but enjoyed for an hour or so in a restaurant or at home. (I can get behind this idea.)

Trader Joe's Gnocchi ingredients

A 1-pound package of gnocchi costs $1.99. It is vacuum-sealed and shelf-stable. You'll find it near the pasta and sauces, not refrigerated or frozen. 

What is gnocchi? (More accurately, what ARE gnocchi?)

Pronounced "n(y)oh-kee," gnocchi are a dumpling-style pasta traditionally made with potatoes - the ultimate comfort food. Gnocchi are perfectly bite-sized and pair beautifully with sauce. 

Trader Joe's Gnocchi nutrition label and cooking instructions

The cooking instructions on the back include boiling and cooking in sauce. Every time I've cooked this gnocchi, I've roasted them. Mark doesn't like the texture of boiled gnocchi, so I've learned my lesson over the years if I want him to eat it. ;) 

Boiling gnocchi is even quicker than roasting. They're ready in, oh, about 2 minutes and cook up super soft and tender.

Gnocchi recipes:

Trader Joe's Gnocchi Review

REVIEW (Bridget): Could I eat this entire package in one sitting? YES. Perfectly delicious little pillows of potato, these gnocchi are a dream roasted or with sauce. When roasted with olive oil and seasonings, the gnocchi become crispy and golden on the outside while remaining soft and almost creamy on the inside. Are they as good as FRESH gnocchi? Not quite. But they are a life-saver in the pantry - you can whip up a delicious meal in a flash!

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Will I buy this again? Yes, and I have quite often. 

gnocchi sheet pan dinner on sheet pan

Trader Joe's Gnocchi: Add this to your Trader Joe's staples list! 



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the suggestion of roasting the gnocchi instead of boiling them!

bridget said...'re welcome! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Question on how to store the leftovers? Back in the cupboard or into the fridge/freezer? Thank you from California

bridget said...

Hi! Leftovers would need to be refrigerated and reheated. :)

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