March 16, 2023

Trader Joe's Toffee Chips Review

Trader Joe's toffee chips box
The Trader Joe's Toffee Chips box is one of those items I see on every trip but pass right by. One day, I sent Jack to Trader Joe's to pick out our review item. I sent him with my debit card but forgot to give him the pin. It's a good trick. 

Trader Joe's Toffee Chips Review - milk and dark chocolate pieces

Jack's pick: Trader Joe's Toffee Chips. TJ's describes these as "a mix of milk and dark chocolate enrobed toffee chips." An 8-ounce box will set you (or your kid) back $3.69.

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Trader Joe's Toffee Chips nutrition

The suggested serving size is two pieces. I think that means: one dark chocolate piece and one milk chocolate. Don't you? 

Toffee lovers, here are some recipes for you to try:

Trader Joe's Toffee Chips Review bite

Trader Joe's Toffee Chips Review

She says (Bridget): Well, I would definitely say these are more than "chips!" The toffee pieces are thick and crunchy with a generous chocolate coating. The toffee is buttery and rich tasting, while the chocolate adds a nice touch. Usually, I'm a dark chocolate girl, but I prefer the milk chocolate here. As a bonus, the box is cute and would make a great addition to a gift basket or a little treat for a friend.
Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

He says (Jack): I LOVE these. At first, the chocolate smells a bit dark and probably tastes that way too. However, the generous amount of flavorful toffee makes quick work of any dark taste. I mainly enjoy these because I am a pretty big toffee fan. If you are one, then get these ASAP. If you aren't one, well... I don't know what to tell you.
You'll probably still love them.
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Will we buy these again? Yes! Although Mark didn't review these, he picked up another box. Enough said? 

Trader Joe's Toffee Chips Review

Trader Joe's Toffee Chips: We approve! 

*this review was originally posted here in 2015 and was updated 3-23.



Anonymous said...

These are the best!! Will definately get more for myself but as gifts for the holidays as well.

Modern Cooking said...

Looks really awesome and delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

2 things.

they are extremely salty.
I am left wondering where exactly they are manufactured.

Carol from Delaware said...

I want to know where the toffee chips are manufactured as well. I have enjoyed them for a long time. This week I picked up some and when the chocolarte was eaten there were black particles that looked like cricket shells along with as I was sucking them they felt like a shell or plastic. I removed it from the toffee and could only think this does not belong in these candies. I know as I make them.
So I am left wondering after I found them throughout the box, are they cricket or someother bug shell.
I really would appreciate an answer to this question.
Thank you.

bridget said...

Hey Carol! I'd bring those back to your local Trader Joe's store. We're just a review blog - not affiliated with the store in any way. Other than trying all the things. :)

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