February 13, 2023

Trader Joe's PBC Bars Review

Trader Joe's PBC Bars Review

Our brother and sister team is reviewing Trader Joe's PBC Bars today. PBC stands for Peanut Butter Cocoa Bars.

If you have a kiddo with braces, be sure to read N's review! How much do we love having a reviewer with braces on the team?!? These are real-world issues! 

Trader Joe's PBC Bars Review, individual bar on turquoise plate

The package description reads, "Soft and chewy peanutty dough with creamy peanut butter and cocoa filling." These PBC bars are gluten-free and vegan. 

Trader Joe's PBC Bars Review

A box of 6 individually wrapped bars costs $3.29.

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Trader Joe's PBC Bars Review, bar with bite

Trader Joe's PBC Bars Review

She says (sister B, age 8): This peanut butter cocoa bar was filled with the just right balance of both peanut butter and chocolate: The cocoa wasn't too dark, and the peanut butter was textured brilliantly. It also contains four grams of protein, while most other kids bars are found to only have two or less.

Overall rating: 5 of 5 stars

He says (brother N, age 11): This peanut butter chocolate bar had a good first bite and, like the advertising claimed, the flavors mixed together perfectly. The peanut butter was very good, although I thought it was a bit dry. After the salt of the peanut butter, the sweetness of the cocoa is a relief. Peanut butter and cocoa is one of my favorite flavor combos, so I enjoyed that this was executed well. If you are looking for some extra protein, eat this bar because peanut butter and cocoa are both full of the strong molecule! This bar is not as chewy as I thought, so people like me who wear braces will be fine eating this bar. The final thing I was impressed with was the veracity of this advertising compared to some of Trader Joe's other products. The flowery language and captivating dialogue was true to its word with this bar.

Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Trader Joe's PBC Bars, box

Would we buy them again?
(B): Yes, I would totally buy these again for any occasion. This bar is the perfect school snack. It's also great if you're rushing on breakfast and you need energy for a big event. These bars can even be used if you're just hungry in the middle of the afternoon and you want a special treat to keep you going! (There are six bars per package.) 

(N): I would definitely buy them again as a regular snack in the morning or afternoon. This is also good to eat before a sports event because the protein will keep you fit and strong during a match.

Trader Joe's PBC Bars: So close to a double 5-star review. Highly recommend!

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