August 21, 2021

Trader Joe's Kibbeh Review

Trader Joe's Kibbeh Review

We're venturing back into the frozen aisle with a review of Trader Joe's Kibbeh. 

What is/are Kibbeh? 

If you're not familiar with kibbeh, they are football-shaped meat croquettes. According to Taste Atlas, kibbeh are the national food of Lebanon, usually consisting of bulgar wheat, meat, and onions. 

Trader Joe's Kibbeh Review

Trader Joe's Kibbeh ingredients

The description on the Trader Joe's box reads, "Middle Eastern Inspired Stuffed Meatball...made with beef, cracked bulgar wheat, onions and seasoning," so it seems like they're staying true to the traditional recipe. 

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Trader Joe's Kibbeh nutrition info

Trader Joe's Kibbeh review

An 11-ounce box of frozen kibbeh costs $4.79. You'll find 6 kibbeh in the box. You'll see ours had a bit of frost on the outside right out of the box. A little freezer burn? Maybe it's a product of transporting frozen food home from the store in the Houston-area heat. Anyway, It didn't seem to affect the texture or taste. 

[NOTE: I can't find a definitive answer on whether the plural of kibbeh is "kibbeh" or "kibbehs." I'm going with kibbeh. Apologies if I've gotten it wrong!]

Trader Joe's Kibbeh Review

Trader Joe's Kibbeh Review

He says (Mark): These are so tasty and filling that you could make a small-plate meal out of them - no sauce is needed. We tested these with just a squeeze of lemon. The breading is as excellent as meat filling. I may have had kibbeh before since my grandparents were big fans of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food (they lived and vacationed in those areas for many years), but Trader Joe’s version helped put this on my shortlist of favorite items. Get some extras for the freezer. They don’t disappoint!

Overall rating 5 of 5 stars

She says (Bridget): Wow...these smell SO delicious as they are baking! Packed with flavor, these kibbeh make for a great appetizer or side with something light and fresh like tabbouleh. A Middle Eastern snack board with these would be incredible! I did find these very heavy. Looking at the Trader Joe's website, I think I found out why. The breading is a combination of bulgar, farina, AND meat. Trader Joes: "That's right; it's a meatball wrapped in more meat!

Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

Would we buy these again? Definitely! They'll be great to have on hand in the freezer!

Trader Joe's Kibbeh: We'll be keeping some stocked in our freezer!

Try Trader Joe's Kibbeh on a Mezze Board like this one from Ain't Too Proud to Meg!


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